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  1. Terrie Sitton
    My newest secret weapon has been Deb’s Sunday night Zumba Fitness core-alignment break-down class. Since I have been attending that class, I have noticed even more progress. I have begun to trust my mind and body to work together. This has given me more confidence to try new things.
  2. Martha Rapuzzi
    Man I love Zumba! I love everything about it! I love to salsa! I love to cumbia! I love to merengue! But once upon a time I dreaded the samba:( One morning I just decided enough was enough! So, I simply raised my hand during a break in the class, and asked "how do you do the samba??!?!" Ok, three minutes later I had it. Deb showed me, I tried it, I did it, now I know it.
It's about so much more than fitness!
It's about connection and community! Dancing and working out together encourages commitment and brings better, longer lasting results to heart, mind, and body than working out alone! When you are in a class at DPFS you become part of the tribe! Whether it becomes a regular thing or if it's only an occasional visit, you are always welcome!

DancePlus Fitness Studio begins with the goal of inviting people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities to discover the fun, friends, and fitness that can be found in dance. Dance fitness is for EVERY body and getting to host dance parties which give participants a sweat-drenching workout to boot??? Well, that is just the BEST!

You can expect great fun with great people getting their sweat on and loving every minute of it....even the "hard stuff"!
Come and join the party!
  1. Zumba Fitness
    ZUMBA FITNESS® is an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party! Are you ready to party yourself into shape? Every Single Morning @ 9:30am Mon-Wed-Thurs @ 6pm Tues @ 7pm
  2. CIZE Live
    Welcome to the end of exercise The beginning of FUN! Professional music-video style choreography to EVERYDAY people! We start with a dynamic preview and then breakdown a series of combinations. Then we CIZE IT UP! to a special song! Repeat after me: "I CAN DANCE!" Tuesdays @ 6pm
  3. Therapeutic Yoga and Deep Stretch YIN
    Therapeutic Yoga is our gentle yoga practice for early birds. Deep Stretch is our yin stretch class with restores and replenishes the body. Warm Flow Yoga is a flow class in an 85 degree studio to keep you flexible (without ending up in a puddle) Therapeutic Yoga MWF 6am Warm Flow Saturday @ 11am Deep Stretch Sunday @ noon
  4. Whole Body Conditioning
    The name says it all! You will condition each body area using light weights, steps, and floorwork to increase strength, endurance, balance and coordination! Mondays @ 12PM
  5. Vertically FIT Intro to Pole Series
    Get "Freaking Insane Toning"! Learn the basics of pole dance and boost your body confidence in this fun, effective, and flirty 4 week workshop.
  6. Vertically FIT Pole Conditioning
    Get "Freaking Insane Toning"! Build strength and tone muscles in just half and hour. class is offered three days/week!
  1. Drop In
    No commitment required! Just drop in to any regular group fitness class for just $10. If you purchase the "single class" option, you have one week from date of purchase to use your pass. Please use the kiosk when you arrive to check in for class!
  2. One Month Unlimited Pass
    The One Month Unlimited Pass gives you 30 days of any of our regular group classes (excluding our Pole program). It begins the day of purchase and ends the same day of the following month.
  3. 6 Class Pass
    The 6 class pass is a great starter pass! Attend any of 6 our regular group fitness classes within 3 month of date of purchase! AND save 15% off regular drop in price!
  4. Vertically FIT 4 week pass
    Join our fun and flirty 4 week Pole program!
  5. Vertically FIT Pole Conditioning Drop In
    Please reserve your class online before 2PM on the day of class. Cancellations must be made by 2PM on the day of class to reschedule or get a credit.
  1. James Babin
    James Babin
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    Tra Dinkins
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    Carrie Sano
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    Britini Endicott
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    Deb Blouin
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    Lisa Hughes
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